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Ask if they can wait for marriage until she finishes her education.Even if she does not work as a married woman, divorce or widowhood is not a remote possibility, and if she has no marketable skills, she will find herself falling upon difficult times.

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The child in question is either my year or the year below. While such concerns are natural, and perfectly understandable, they are also irrational.

You can not tell her to stop seeing her boyfriend, and you should not warn her from her boyfriend only to be able to tell her "I told you so" when/if things go south.

What you can do, depending on your relationship to her, is to share your concerns, while acknowledging that they are irrational.

However, generally speaking women mature earlier than men. they aren't (yet) setting up a home and living together.

Assuming your daughter is at least average maturity for her age, and there are no other worrying signs, I wouldn't worry too much. Your daughter is, as you point out, an adult with all that entails, including the freedom to make her own mistakes.

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    It's probably best to just use Dev's message as a source of inspiration, rather than straight-up copying it (especially since a good chunk of app daters were likely binge-watching season two over the weekend).